Max Starks Returns Home to Lake Highland to Present a Golden Football

From becoming a starter at the University of Florida in a position he wasn’t even projected to be third string at on the depth chart to two Super Bowl Championships, Max Starks has had an incredible football career. But throughout his journey, he has never forgotten where he came from.

Growing up, the Orlando community meant a lot to Starks and his family. So, when the NFL called and asked him if he wanted to take part in their “Super Bowl Honor Roll” program, he knew it was an opportunity he could not miss. In celebration of it’s fiftieth anniversary, the NFL is giving former players who participated in a Super Bowl the chance to return back to their high schools and present a Golden Football.

On a sunny afternoon in December, Starks made his return. Lake Highland students, faculty and family packed the gym for the ceremony. After retiring from the NFL in January 2015, the presentation was a culmination of all of his hard work and dedication throughout his career.

It is not unusual for Lake Highland alumni to return to campus. It is however, rare to have someone like Starks who embodies everything the school tries to embody in it’s students.

This is a story I filed for Bright House Sports Network. Check it out to find out more about
what was a special day not only for Max Starks and his family but the entire Lake Highland community. 



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