People From Around The US Show How They are #JMSTRONG

Trinity Prep senior John Michael Night is in every way a standout lacrosse player. He recently committed to Mercer University to play Division 1 lacrosse. Only two weeks later on December 14th, the unthinkable happened. As he sat in class taking a test, John Michael suffered a brain stem stroke that has left him in a condition referred to as Locked-In-Syndrome. In it, the patient is fully aware with no impairments mentally, but is unable to move or communicate verbally.

Treatment is not cheap. Out of pocket expenses for John Michael’s family are expected to be in the millions. As the cost of medical bills and rehabilitation continues to rise, Lake Highland and Trinity are coming together to help out.

As donations have poured in, so too have the words of encouragement for John Michael.

And it’s not just Trinity or Lake Highland or Orlando. BHSN Varsity Reporter Daniel Perreault has more on how three simple words are reverberating far beyond Central Florida.

Or get the full story over on BHSN.COM .



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