Reflections On My Time As A BHSN Varsity Reporter

 It was a Friday evening in August 2014, three days into my Junior year of high school. For some reason, I decided to check my email. My heart sank when I did. There was an email from the video production teacher at Lake Highland Mr. Kostura, asking if I was interested in becoming a Varsity Reporter for Bright House Sports Network. I could not believe what I was reading. The only question I had was when do I start?

The answer; A week later. The very next Friday night, I was on the field filming a Lake Highland football game, conducting post-game interviews, and then cutting the highlights.

With that, my time as a Varsity Reporter for Bright House Sports Network began. What an incredible ride it has been. Over the last two years, I have been fortunate enough to cover a wide variety of stories ranging from State Championship wins in girls basketball and Wrestling to Former Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Lineman Max Starks’ return to Lake Highland to present the school with a golden football.


On multiple occasions, I have also seen firsthand the power of community. It was truly humbling to witness events such as the LHP volleyball teams’ dig pink game and the outpouring of support in Orlando and far beyond for Trinity Prep Senior John Michael Night. It has truly been humbling to witness.

Throughout this experience, I have developed relationships with professional journalists at BHSN, WESH 2, and other local media outlets. I am so appreciative of the advice and helpful tips they have given me on writing, reporting, and getting into the field of journalism. I hope to be able to put their words to good use and one day work alongside them.

Since becoming a Varsity Reporter, I can count on one hand the number of times that I sat in the student section at a Lake Highland sports event. Each time I did, I felt almost as if I was out of place, a fish out of the water. I didn’t feel right that I wasn’t scribbling down notes and piecing together the storyline of the game. But, on the countless days and nights I spent sitting in Press Boxes or standing on the sideline with a video camera, I was in my natural element. And I hope to stay there for many years to come.

As I approach the end of this road, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to tip my cap to a few people. First off, to the many coaches and players who allowed me to interview them because without them there would not be a story for me to tell. The athletic directors, Frank Pendergast and Jim Oescher for allowing me to report on Lake Highland’s teams. Additionally, I owe my gratitude to all of you who viewed my stories and supported me over the past two years. I cannot thank you all enough.

However, above all, I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for LHP’s video production teacher Joseph Kostura. If he had not sent me that email, I would have not gained the invaluable experience that I have with BHSN. It is undoubtedly because of him that I am the journalist I am today.

As I close this chapter of my life and prepare to begin a new one at the University of Missouri, I end my time at BHSN the same way that I came, honored and grateful to have had the privilege of telling the stories of athletes at Lake Highland.

I hope you will continue to follow along with me on my journey as a reporter through this blog,, on twitter @DPerreault_, as well as on Instagram @daniel_perreault and on snap chat @dperreault18.



2 thoughts on “Reflections On My Time As A BHSN Varsity Reporter

  1. Daniel…..that is why you are one heck of person. You put your heart in your work and it shows. We are proud of you and we know that you will be successful at anything you tackle…….Memere and pepere….Lovve You


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